Kingdom of Clouds – Sunrise from Haleakala Mountain

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Witnessing sunrise from top of the 10,023 ft high giant, Haleakala Mountain, is an experience which cannot be described in words. The gracious movement of stars, as if dutifully leaving the night sky which they illuminated for hours, The dramatic colors of sky, building the excitement for grand entry of sun, the distressed activity in clouds, rushing around to welcome the glowing new day, everything about this magical moment, is something to be experienced from your own heart and soul. No picture can do it justice. Still, sharing the picture gallery showcasing one of the most beautiful sunrise you can ever see.



  1. Amazing . Super Amazing!! You are so lucky to capture those moments!

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  2. littlesnowflake

    This is so beautiful!


  3. Oh wow! What beautiful sights! I’m in awe. 🙂 #turnituptuesday

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