Dripping Red Glitter Candle

The much awaited Diwali Party is finally overGlitter Candle | DIY Candle Decor | Christmas | Diwali and so is all the rush of getting things done. I couldn’t blog about my projects as soon as I completed them :(, now I will try to catch up :).
Here is another candle I decorated for the party decor and it served the purpose splendidly! The red glitter was looking very festive and eye-catching with all the diyas and candles around. There is something mesmerizing about dim lighting.

Here is the tutorial for you.

Materials Used :

  • Candle in glass container (I bought mine from dollar tree) Or plain candles
  • Glitter powder
  • Glue Bottle
  • Masking tape


  • Paste a piece of masking tape a little above the bottom of candle, leaving the area where you want the glitter base.
  • Spread generous amount of glue in the area below the tape (don’t worry if a little glue gets to the tape)
  • Spread a sheet of paper to collect the extra glitter below your candle and sprinkle glitter over the glued area. (Some glitter will get stuck to the candle and extra will fall down).
  • Rotate the candle and make sure the entire glued area is covered.
  • Let it dry for around five mins
  • Carefully remove the masking tape revealing a clear and crisp line.
  • Using the glue bottle draw the dripping paint design on your candle
  • Once done, sprinkle the glitter in same way, collecting the excess on a paper sheet.
  • Let it dry for 5 mins. remove any extra glitter resting on candle and you are done! Flash your shiny little art and enjoy the compliments. 🙂

Glitter Candle | DIY Candle Decor | Christmas | Diwali  Glitter Candle | DIY Candle Decor | Christmas | Diwali  Glitter Candle | DIY Candle Decor | Christmas | Diwali

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Happy Crafting!Glitter Candle | DIY Candle Decor | Christmas | Diwali


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