Anuja Jain

Welcome to my blog!

I am a highly active, want to ‘do it all’ kind of person and I do succeed most of the times :). I love traveling, cooking, crafting, and always excited to learn something new. I am spiritual, strictly vegetarian girl with two college degrees, a full-time job and an endless thirst of ‘creation’.  My husband believes I am a severe case of ADHD. (which may be true 😉 ). I have many hobbies, and they keep on changing.

I want to use this platform to share my creations, my travel experiences and may be my thoughts.

I am blessed to have a life partner who loves traveling as much as I do. We plan extensively for our trips with a lot of research. When you have limited number of vacations and an unlimited wander lust, you have to get creative. Not all vacations are one week, mostly we take weekend +1 day trips, but we take plenty.

Many of my friends ask to share my itineraries, which I do, but I realized sharing on a public platform will be helpful to many more.

Cooking is my one love that survived the test of time. I can’t point any moment in my life when I didn’t enjoy cooking. I like to experiment and create fusion cuisine in addition to traditional Indian food and healthy alternatives. In recent years I have started baking and canning as well. I have spent countless hours sharing my recipes with my family and friends and now am ready to share them with the world. If you are looking for recipes that are vegetarian, sattvic and healthy (occasionally not so healthy, but definitely yum!), we might go along well ;).

I have been involved in various forms of art from childhood. I enjoy spending my weekends (sometimes that’s the only time you got!) on an art project. The blissful feeling of ‘construction’ gives me immense joy :).
What kind of art you ask? Sketching, painting, embroidery, bead work, crochet, knitting, weaving, paper craft, paper mache, origami, jewelry making, henna, rangoli, nail art, cooking, dancing, gardening, you name it! Chances are, either I have already done it, or planning to 🙂

So, you see, I got a lot to share. Hope some of it will ignite your interest :).

Happy reading!



  1. Aakansha

    I’ll be looking forward to those vegetarian dishes. 🙂

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    • Thanks dear! I will try to post at least one recipe every month. I know it sounds like a lazy plan.. but I don’t get to stay at home at cook as much as I would like to. Leave alone the time to take pictures throughout process and write up 🙂

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  2. Always on the look out for recipes although I sometimes find cooking rather stressful.
    I look forward to hearing about your travels and art projects, I’m not great at arty things but like to try anyway.

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    • I hope I will be able to help you discover the fun and easy part of cooking :). No one is great to start with, but if you like spending time doing something.. you will eventually get better.

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  3. Jo

    Your travels sound like what my boyfriend and I hope to do in the future. Lots of travels and weekend trips! Hah I have been trying to do that as much as possible and feel pretty successful so far! I look forward to reading about your trips!

    I also love food and art except I am a terrible cook and not very artistic! Even when the recipes are clearly written out, for some reason my food will come out dry, burnt or under cooked!

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  4. I’m happy that you seized the opportunity to introduce yourself to the world this way. I really appreciate this post. I love your spirit. I’ve been dabbling in the vegetarian realm– haven’t quite given up meat– but I am on a healthy lifestyle mission. I look forward to reading more of your work, so please blog on Relentless Soul

    Naddie ♥

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    • Thanks for your appreciative words dear! Being a first time blogger, these comments and likes really means a lot to me :).

      I am vegetarian for spiritual reasons, and it helps in keeping fit too :). I am glad you can see the benefits of vegetarian diet, even partially, it will help your body in long run. I hope my food recipes and green smoothies will come handy :).

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  5. Great Intro! Very warm and inviting !

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  6. I love that you have such a diversity of interests, it will help you to be able to reach out to and to relate to a broad audience.

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  7. I hope so :). As of now my challenge would be to add regular blogging in my already huge list of interests 😉


  8. Really nice blog here! Have to agree with the last comment that it’s very good that you have ‘bunch’ of different interests. That’s what I’m searching for to read always in blogs. Great!

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  9. Wow Anuja, you pack so much into your time, makes me feel like I need to do more. Thanks for stopping by at my blog and following too. I look forward to some awesome posts from you, especially the cookery ones because I looove food 🙂

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    • Thanks Sebring! I am trying to include regular blogging in my schedule and hardly successfull so far 😣.

      When you love doing something.. You will find time for it somehow 😉

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  13. nice to meet you Anuja, I am Adriana and I am happy to be here on your page , and see your various form of art .I have the pleasure to invite you on my wordpress page 🙂

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