Dual Design Crochet Cushion Cover

Crochet Cushion Cover

This is my first ever try on cushion cover and I was (and still am) pretty pleased with the results. It has been a long time since I posted about any of my crochet projects. The matter of the fact is, I have not taken any new crochet project last year (and so far in this year). Crochet Cushion Cover

In the initial few months when I was learning different crochet stitches, I came across shell stitch and decided to make something using it. The idea was to make overall cushion with s ame stitch, but around half way through I decided to learn and implement something new. 😃 I wanted to learn making flat circles ( all I had made till then was a cap which of course wasn’t flat.) but also needed to end up with a square shape so that it works for the cushion cover. I learned making both of those in this project 😊

Yellow works perfectly for giving that splash of bright coloCrochet Cushion Coverr to a corner chair or adding to contrast on patio. Combination with black makes it more grounded.

What do you think of this design? Can’t wait to hear back.

Happy Crocheting.



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