Date and Sesame Laddoo | No Bake Dessert

Dates Sesame Laddoo | No bake dessertContinuing my date desert posts, today I will be sharing the recipe for Date and Sesame Laddoo. Once again the recipe is as simple as it can get. Let’s jump right in.

Ingredients :

Method :Dates Sesame Laddoo | No bake dessert

  • Heat a non stick pan on Medium-Low flame
  • Roast sesame seeds until slightly brown
  • Blend the dates using a blender until roughly minced (I use Vitamix and around 1 minute is more than enough)
  • Combine both ingredients and knead until all the sesame seeds are mixed
  • Shape them as small balls using your hands or as per your liking.

Dates Sesame Laddoo | No bake dessertTips:

  • The amount of sesame that can be incorporated may change depending on dates used (some are more dry than others)
  • Do not add any water or milk while blending or kneading, this can reduce the shelf life of your dessert
  • You can shape them in any other desired shape using cooking cutters too.
  • If using cookie cutter, Make sure to add a little fattening (butter/ light flavored oil) to a smooth surface and rolling-pin before rolling out your dough to avoid sticking.

Hope you enjoyed this recipe.

Stay healthy!



  1. FundMatters

    very healthy yet tasty…. thanks for sharing recipe

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