Date and Coconut Laddu – Healthy, Quick and Easy Dessert

Packs and packs of pitted dates taking over half of refrigerator lowest shelf is a common sight at our home. And why not? It is one of the best snacking items! Healthy, tasty and nutritious. We munch on them at home, in office, during hikes or whenever we want without any guilt. Though you can pop pitted dates right in, I like to add a lot of variation in taste, texture and nutrient value with my easy date dessert recipes. Dates coconut laddoo, No Bake Dessert

If you are looking for easy and nutritional dessert ideas without added guilt, then keep an eye out for a wide range of date dessert recipes I will be posting in coming weeks. It is almost unbelievable that something so yum can be so easy to make. But well.. trust me on this and give these recipes a try. 🙂

To start things off, lets begin with this extremely easy, two ingredient recipe of a healthy no bake dessert.



  • Add Dates in a blender and dry blend them until all the dates are minced (I use vitamix and run it around one minute)
  • Take out minced dates in a bowl and add shredded coconut little by little while mixing and kneading using hands.
  • Knead it until all the coconut is incorporated and the mixture is able to hold shape
  • Shape them as small ball / laddoos


  • The amount of coconut that can be incorporated may change depending of dates used (some of more dry than others)
  • Do not add any water or milk while blending or kneading, this can reduce the shelf life of your dessert
  • You can shape them in any other desired shape using cooking cutters too.
  • If using cookie cutter, Make sure to add a little fattening (butter/ light flavored oil) to a smooth surface and rolling-pin before rolling out your dough to avoid sticking.

Hope you enjoyed this recipe.

Happy Munching.



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