Yet another candle decor

This Diwali I decorated a number of candles to set upCandle Decor DIY | Diwali multiple display areas throughout my home. Here is yet another candle.

To add more glam, I have used some glitter paint and rhinestone in addition to the basic puffy paints for this design. It was a very quick DIY project. Here is a short tutorial / tips for you to create your own 🙂

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Materials used :

  • Candle Decor DIY | DiwaliCandle in glass container (I bought mine from dollar store) Or you can use the bare candle itself.
  • Tulip paint – Blue glitter, gold metallic and red.
  • Rhinestone (I used sky blue, champagne and deep red colored rhinestone from this link)

Instruction / Tips :Candle Decor DIY | Diwali

  • Again , there isn’t much to it. I made the design freehand. Feel free to use my design if you wish.
  • Make sure your hand movement is fluid and not broken.
  • Keep the nozzle hovering a little above the glass surface, do not touch or drag the nozzle on the surface. This will help keep the lines clear and puffy.

With this one posted, I still have one more candle left to share. Stay tuned for my next post and see what I have done with it :). Until then check out my other three henna candles , hanging and flat glass candle holders and other fun and creative posts.

Have a fun and crafty Diwali!

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