DIY Glass Bottle Decor | Arabic Nights Themed Craft

I came across some beautiful DIY Moroccan lamps with mason jars  Arabic Theme Bottle Decor| DIY Moroccan Glass Metallicand up-cycled glass containers on pinterest and fell in love with the idea. The metallic golden paint gives the illusion of textured metal just like a authentic Moroccan lamp.. isn’t it eye catching? Determined, (I had to get at least one of those for my home! ) I started looking for more ideas. After looking at plenty of examples (and creating a pinterest board) I came up with following conclusions.

  •  Arabic Theme Bottle Decor| DIY Moroccan Glass MetallicColored glass base looks far better than plane transparent glass.
  • Sure up-cycling is good for environment, but for this particular project a good base shape will make a lot of difference (you can always use those glass containers to store your ever growing craft supplies)



Keeping my takeaways in mind, I paid a visit to dollar store to test my luck. Seems it was indeed a lucky day for me, I found this perfect looking green bottle as the last item of its kind. The design looked more Arabian and highly attractive to me, and the color looked great too. 🙂

Well.. here is the result of my hard work. What do you think? Arabic Theme Bottle Decor| DIY Moroccan Glass Metallic





  1. Well, it is more than just something Arabic.. This is Arabian Nights! 🙂

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