DIY – Decorative Candle Holders | Diwali decor 

Diwali is just around the corner and you must be looking for new ways to bring the festival of lights to your home. I start my Diwali decor pretty early to get the festive feel around our humble abode. Sharing these beautiful glittering pieces that I made last Diwali and also the free tutorial to create these festive and intricate looking candle holders in minutes.Diwali Decor DIY Candle holder

Diwali Decor DIY Candle holder I just love how the reflection of flame sparkled with the mirror and colorful rhinestone. Don’t you?

Best part of this DIY, it is cheap and easy! It costed me approx $1.25 per candle holder. Here is how I did it.

Material Used :Diwali Decor DIY Candle holder

  • Glass Candle stand (I bought mine from dollar tree, $1 each)
  • Glue glitter bottles / 3 D Paint
  • Some rhinestone crystals (I bought this pack from amazon pretty cheap, had loads of them left for other projects)
  • Tea Light Candles for lighting

Note : Glue glitter is not waterproof, but it is cheap and works just fine. If you want something more durable, you can use 3D paint (I have used tulip glitter paint on some other projects and it works great)

Instructions :

  • Keep a tea light candle in center of your holder and make the outline with your choice of color.
  • Remove the candle, now you have the area marked. Leave this area blank and decorate rest.
  • Let your creative juices flow 🙂

Diwali Decor DIY Candle holder Tips :

  • Make sure you decorate them on a surface where you can leave them for a while to dry out.
  • Avoid moving them around when glitter is still wet.
  • While decorating, consider keeping candle holders on old magazines, newspaper, cardboard pieces etc, so that you can move candle holders easily along with them.

Here are some other pictures from Diwali 2014 at Jain residence.I had a floating candle arrangement with fresh flowers on one of the entry way tables.

I also made couple of stem candle holders to add size variation to my Diwali decor corner piece. Diwali Decor DIY Candle holder Diwali Decor DIY Candle holder Diwali Decor DIY Candle holder

This particular Bandarwaar is very easy . I am not very proud to admit that I made it, but well.. In my defense, I had limited time. If you are looking for an easy Diwali craft for kids then this might be it.

Diwali Decor DIY Bandharwaar / door hanging

I got the idea for this Kandil from Ashwini’s Blog post. It was fun and easy to create. I am planning to add more bling and intricacy on this Kandil this year :).

Diwali Decor DIY Kandil  Diwali Decor DIY Kandil

update : Check out my latest kandil creations hereDIY Diwali Paper Kandil

Hope you enjoyed viewing my creations! What crafts do you make for Diwali? Do share your feedback and comments!

Looking for more Diwali craft inspirations? Here are some of my previous creations, click on images to learn more.

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  2. All of these decorations are so pretty and festive! I love that candleholder – I can hardly believe it only cost 1.25 to make!

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  7. Decorations are easy, cheap and festive. You shared some beautiful glittering decoration ideas for this festive season.


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