Portland Japanese Garden

Japanese garden is a mesmerizing and pleasant place adorning the beautiful city of Portland. I was dumbstruck with the serenity of the place. Colors so vibrant and setting so enchanting,  anyone would fall in love.

Here are some pics from our visit

Portland Japanese Garden

Roof of the tea room peaking through the mix of colors

Portland Japanese Garden

The picturesque pond with a moon bridge at the far end

Portland Japanese Garden

Pond area and moon bridge from a slightly different angle. The yellow and green leaves looked even more beautiful in person

Portland Japanese Garden

A close up of the trickling steam and lush vegetation past the pond


Portland Japanese Garden

Boardwalk through a well stocked koi pond

Portland Japanese Garden

The koi pond merges with this bigger pond. The area with these three ponds is called Strolling Pond Garden

Portland Japanese Garden

A picture perfect spot. The five tiered stone lantern is 100 years old


Portland Japanese Garden

The garden pavilion nestled with trees



Portland Japanese Garden

Japanese Maple tree in its full glory


Portland Japanese Garden

The Sand and Stone garden has these stones sitting in center of rippled sand as if it is ocean



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  1. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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