Reaping the benefits (in form of huge lemons)

We moved in our first home pretty recently. As a first time homeowner, I had crazy number of ideas on what all I am going to do. Starting a vegetable garden, making a koi pond, painting my backyard patio, renovating kitchen, upholstering furniture, painting furniture, making crochet rugs, weaving rugs, start composting (this I actually did), and thousand more. You might not believe, but I actually have an excel file full of all these random ideas :D. Though I have not given up on all of them yet,  I came to the realization that in practical life with full-time job, regular household chores and moderate social life, it just TAKES TIME.

I had hopes to have at least one meal a week sourced from my garden within 6 months of moving in. Not entirely impossible as it may sound, sometimes your priorities come in the way. And of course it wasn’t very tough to choose between spending time making raised bed for planting so that we can have one meal after six months OR to spend time setting up home so that we don’t have to fish for essentials in boxes.

Well, I am glad to stay that in just couple of months I managed to have a decently organized home and a small herb garden (Mint, rosemary, oregano) with some essentials like green chilies and tomatoes. My little garden is  occasionally giving that “using my own grown” feeling :). Doesn’t matter how I reached here but I am actually pretty proud of myself (and of course some credit goes to my husband too 😉 )

There is something from my backyard garden that I use almost everyday and I haven’t planted it. I am reaping the benefits of someone else’s hard work in form to gigantic lemons. The tree in the backyard has been producing quite good amount of lemons (touch wood) ever since we moved in.  Every time I pick a lemon or grate some for zest or generously add few drops to my food, my heart goes out to all the possibilities I could plant and enjoy in coming years. I was craving for gardening from years. All these years living in apartments in not so favorable planting weather, I successfully planted many herbs, radish and small things of that sort in tiny containers. Now I have my chance. All thanks to darling hubby for that. 🙂

Well, here is my lemon tree and giant lemons. Go feast your eyes 🙂

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  1. Those are huge lemons, I have never seen them that large!!

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  2. queenofthewilsonhousehold

    We found a lemon tree in our back yard after we moved to our new house last year too! At first we thought they were limes, but soon realized that they were lemons. Our are huge too. They must be touch wood because they look exactly like yours. I made some incredible strawberry lemonade with ours and gave several lemons away.

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    • Its a great feeling to share your homegrown bounty! I give mine away too.

      How much sugar do you use in your lemonade? I love refreshing drinks.. but avoid sugar. I go for lemon, cucumber and mint infused water practically everyday. 🙂


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