9 Best Watermelon Recipes (drinks, salads and much more)

In US, July is national watermelon month. You will see these big9 watermelon juicy ball of vibrant colors in abundance everywhere. Here are some interesting and less known facts about watermelon

  • Watermelons are the most consumed melons in US
  • Watermelon is a vegetable and a fruit both
  • Watermelon was originated in Egypt 5000 years ago
  • More then 300 varieties of Watermelons are grown in USA and Mexico
  • All the parts of Watermelons can be consumed by humans (including rind and seeds)
  • Not all Watermelons are red. I had yellow watermelon for the first time in Thailand. We were staying at Renaissance Ratchaprasong and went to their executive lounge for a quick breakfast before heading out for an exquisite day. Being vegetarian and health conscious I usually head towards Salad and fruits (instead of highly fatty muffins and carb loaded bagels). I was in rush and just took them in my plate thinking its pineapple. 😀

Wandering how to use them everyday without getting bored? Here is my collection of quick , easy and healthy ways to include this amazing fruit to your diet.

1. Make a watermelon bowl to showcase your fruit salad

watermelon carving bowl
2. Make watermelon Ice cubes. For a much needed hydration in summer months, add flavor and color to your water with these ice cubes which can be made in different shapes.

Watermelon Ice Cubes

3. Make a quick watermelon agua fresca

Watermelon Mocktail | Agua Fresca4. Make a refreshing Water Melon and Feta Cheese Salad
watermelon-feta-salad-55. Make a easy watermelon sorbet

4-Ingredient-Watermelon-Sorbet-Recipe6. Watermelon fresh fruit Popsicle – Instead of making Popsicle with just watermelon , they have added some other fresh fruits and used watermelon puree to bind it all together , the result is this beautiful and flavorful Popsicle watermelon popsicles7. Watermelon skewers  – Take watermelon salad to the next level and impress your guests with these watermelon skewers Watermelon-Feta-Mint-Skewers-Bites-of-Bri-682x10248. Watermelon Mango Pica de gallo – Enough of tomatoes and mangoes, make this unique pica de gallo using watermelons IMG_9555edit29. Put it on a Stick – Reinforce your belief in “Simple is beautiful” with this easy idea  Watermelon-on-a-Stick

Don’t wait for July! Enjoy these recipes all summer long 🙂


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