Black Mountain Trail Via Rhus Ridge – Spring Wildflowers and morning views

We went for a short hike on Black Mountain trail last Sunday.  Spring wild flowers were blooming at every step of the way. It made the otherwise strenuous hike much more fun :). Sharing some of the pics captured IMG_0518

IMG_0526 IMG_0507 IMG_0508    IMG_0533

With these colorful flowers lining your path, how can you get tired?

IMG_0536   IMG_0535

Black Mountain Hike - Bay Area - Spring Wild Flowers

Not just flowers, I found these little guys pretty  fascinating too. They reminded me of hibiscus flowers. These were the first plants I noticed on our hike.








The expansive views of bay area are visible from many places of this hike. I particularly liked this panoramic capture with clouds forming the curve and morning sun glimmering at the tip, just like a comet 🙂


Here is another panoramic capture on our way back.. the sun is rushing up and my hubby is rushing down 😉


NOTE – Black Mountain is located in West Bay area. For more details on this trail check this awesome site . It is a one stop shop for finding good hiking options in Bay area.



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  2. What a pretty hike! We love to hike, but our views are a lot different here in the desert. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!

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