Scientists have figured out what makes Indian food so delicious

I came across this article from Washington post and found it quite interesting. I never think of flavors in such a way. Here is my pick of some nice points that stand out in this article –

  • ‘There are just over 50 flavor compounds in each food ingredient.’ Are you kidding me? 50 is a damn big number, especially if it is present as different flavors in ONE ingredient.
  • They used to base their research :-P. I never even look for recipes at her site, I had a peak couple of times out of curiosity and it always disappointed me. I am not even sure what kind of people look up recipes from her. There are so many cooking blogs from talented Indian men and women which are far better than her. To name a few, Show me the curry, Bhavna’s kitchen, Sharmispassions, vah chef, Nishamadhulika and many more.
  • The average Indian dish, after all, contains at least 7 ingredients’. I wonder what is the number of ingredients used in other cuisines. It would be 2 in case of Canada though (boiled potatoes + salt = Mashed potatoes) 😛
  • ‘The total number of ingredients observed by the researchers amounted to almost 200 out of the roughly 381 observed around the world’. Seriously? We use more than half of the world’s ingredients? No doubt they referred to Indian food as “The labor-intensive cuisine” at very start of article.
  • ‘In other words, the more overlap two ingredients have in flavor, the less likely they are to appear in the same Indian dish.’ It made me think and I realized even while experimenting in my kitchen, I do try to add contrast tastes and textures. Yesterday I made a protein shake and used pear and raspberries in addition to protein powder milk and ice and my husband loved it. You hardly use pear and raspberries together… but it tasted great.
  • ‘Strawberries, for instance, have more in common with white wine than they do with apples, oranges or honey.’ Now you are talking!

Read the full article from Washington post here 



  1. I love Indian food, it makes so much more sense now on why it’s so addicting. Haha. Also thank you for adding in your protein shake recipe, I will definitely have to try that!

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