Small Pleasures

Last weekend we were scheduled to meet a Realtor. I was the one who contacted her and she was mainly dealing with me until our meeting where I was supposed to go with my husband.IMG_9862

As I entered the office, my attention was caught by the welcome message on front desk, it read
“Welcome Anuja and Hubby”

When I saw this note, it made me smile. It felt so refreshingly cool. He is being referred as MY “hubby”! It is my identity that defined his. We usually are referred by our individual first names which is great, but whenever we are referred in respect to each other.. It’s usually his name that governs mine. It was good to see reverse for a change.

I am not new to people calling me “Mrs. Nayak”, even though that is not my name. Even our family and friends while referring to us usually say “Sankalp and Anuja”, not “Anuja and Sankalp”. Though I do not support the underlying idea of male supremacy, I usually let it slide because of many reasons.

This small and insignificant welcome note made my day. Small things in life really do matter 🙂



  1. Pooja

    Love the post Anuja 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, the small things can make your day!

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