Wheat Grass and Orange Juice

We have been growing and juicing wheat grass from over 2 years now. Apparently, you should be taking it in small quantities like a tequila shot. I like to mix something in my wheat grass juice to make it more of a ‘glass of juice’, rather than a ‘shot’. Ok! I admit, may be I like to make more juice just because the efforts to clean the juicer remains same whether you make a ‘shot’ worth of juice or two full glasses. 😉

We have experimented with many different combinations over the year but this is my favorite flavor. Sometimes the basics are best :). This juice has just two ingredients, wheat grass and navel oranges. Enjoy making this simple yet packed with goodness juice.

IMG_5436 - Copy

Ingredients :

  • 2 fist full of wheat grass
  • 2 navel oranges, peeled and cleaned (remove seeds if your juicer doesn’t do that)

IMG_5431 - Copy

Procedure :

  • Add wheat grass and orange pieces in your juicer alternatively
  • Enjoy your freshly squeezed juice


  • If this is your first time, try to juice wheat grass alone first. This will give you an idea on how much juice is extracted from a given amount of wheat grass.
  • I have noticed the waste from the wheat grass is very minimal, you can re-run the leftover fiber in juicer if you want.
  • Wheat grass juice gives quite a lot of foam when juicing. Make sure to clean the juicer properly and avoid wasting any of your precious little juice.


  1. My husband has just harvested his first batch of wheat grass today. The flavor is definitely going to take some getting used to. But I will tell him to try it with orange juice, thank you! How often do you make wheat grass juice? How much do you grow at one time, how many “shots” does it typically yield for you?

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  2. Congrats on your first bath of wheat grass :). Yeah.. the flavor is a little off.. but I kind of started liking it now. I grow wheat grass quite frequently. The fact we grow it indoors without worrying about weather is a great plus.

    Did you ever bought tofu from stores? I use the empty tofu trays (easy to make holes and you can throw them after each use). Around a fistful of wheat covers my tofu tray completely, I start a new tray every week for 3 weeks, each batch regrows after you harvest, so it gives me total of 6 batches in a month. I get to make juice 6 times from it (12 shots). You can also store the grass in refrigerator (in a zip lock back) for up to a week. Hope this helps 🙂


  3. i drink wheat grass combining with coconut water. i guess i found out new way of drinking wheat grass.Keep up the work.


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